Monday, 19th April 2021

Woman's problems all seem to involve how great she is

A WOMAN’S many problems all seem to be related to how attractive, successful and generous she is, people have noticed.

Marketing manager Donna Sheridan’s recent personal woes have included unwanted male attention, spin class being easy, having too many parties to go to and always being fun.

Colleague Tom Logan said: “Donna has many problems, talked about at length each day, but they share a fundamental underlying narrative of ‘I am bloody fantastic’.

“I totally agree that men should not be constantly hitting on her. It’s terrible that it happens in every situation, including barbecues, the school run and buying paint with her husband in B&Q.

“Having said that, we’ve been to the pub loads of times and they weren’t exactly circling like horny vultures.”

Boss Helen Archer agreed: “I have weekly chats with Donna about her problem of being so amazing at her job that others get jealous. It’s a problem, alright.

“In fact Donna’s correct in thinking most of the issues in her life arise from how flawlessly brilliant she believes she is. Just not in the way she thinks.”