Listening device found in tapas

A LISTENING device has been discovered hidden inside a prawn at a Spanish restaurant.

Diner Emma Bradford was enjoying a meal with friends at the Spanish-owned La Casa restaurant when she bit into something hard and metallic.

She said: “At first I thought it was a bit of prawn shell, but on closer examination it turned out to be a tiny microphone.

“The Spanish had been secretly recording our entire conversation. Now they know everything about my possible work promotion and difficult relationship with my ex-husband Tony.

“Because I was hungry, I had totally forgotten they are our enemies now. Thank god I don’t know any classified information about bombs and missile bases.”

She added: “We should destroy Spain before it attacks us. Also, six quid is a right rip off for a few garlic prawns and they stuck on a 10 per cent service charge which is frankly a bit of a liberty.”