Planes kill baddies

LOTS of people died in Libya last night, but it’s okay because they were baddies.

Brave and handsome and good at sex

The baddies were killed by brave, good-looking pilots from America and Britain who went pee-eeeew… pew-pew-pew, in their big fast planes.

And while the big planes went ‘nee-ow’ and ‘ffwwwsh’ we also used something like a hundred Cruise missiles to kill some baddies who were hiding indoors like cowards.

The missiles are named after Tom Cruise because they are so handsome.

The baddies died after they killed a load of people who the prime minister says were probably very nice.

They even tried to protect themselves using kittens, but the good-looking pilots fired a special clever bomb that only kills baddies and the kittens got away and are now playing with a lovely pink ribbon.

More baddies will be killed today, especially if they are trying to run away.

The prime minister said the good-looking pilots will stop as soon as enough baddies are dead and the main one is living in something called a ‘Venezuela’.

Everyone will then come home and drink champagne and it will all be fine in the bad place because the probably very nice people will sort everything out for themselves.

The prime minister also promised really, really hard that there will be no need for handsome British soldiers to kill ugly baddies with their bare hands.

Apparently there were also some Frenchman there, no doubt getting in the way.