Utter bellends reminded that being a Nazi not actually patriotic

MORONS have been reminded that Britain actually fought Nazis during the war.

As the neo-Nazi movement grows in popularity among ‘patriotic’ British bellends, they have been reminded that Britain has historically always been against the Nazis.

93-year-old Roy Hobbs said: “I remember World War Two quite well because I actually fought in it, and I am absolutely certain that the people firing bullets at us were Nazis.

“So I’m not sure where all this stuff about neo-Nazis ‘loving Britain’ comes from. The Nazis definitely didn’t seem to like Britain very much because they put quite a lot of effort into dropping bombs on it.”

Neo-Nazi Wayne Hayes said: “Word War Two was fake news, they just used Photoshop to make it look like the Nazis were bad.

“Churchill was a proud Nazi and so are those bulldogs that we like – the massive squat ones that can’t breathe properly. We are into them because they are genetically perfect.”