Saturday, 4th April 2020

Snow preventing office workers typing on computer keyboard in heated office

AN unexpected snowfall has made it impossible for staff at an insurance firm to operate their computers.

The snow, which covered the car park up to a depth of almost two inches before melting two hours later, forced all employees at Ledhill Insurance in Tamworth to immediately cease work and take precautionary action like looking out of the window and going for a coffee.

Data inputter Tom Logan said: “My computer’s completely stopped working now I’m standing 30 feet away by the window. I’d call IT support but I can see they’re by the south window to observe the snow there.

“There’s no point trying to get any work done because half the office has gone to the canteen to eat chocolate things. You can’t send an email without teamwork.”

Office manager Donna Sheridan said: “I’m monitoring the situation by watching the snowflakes and speculating about whether they’ll send us home early. It’s vital work.

“I’d love to get back to my desk but I’ve got my staff to think of. If someone froze to death because I was too busy processing invoices I’d never forgive myself.”

At lunchtime Sheridan intends to rehearse an emergency evacuation plan by visiting the wine bar that does tapas with her mate Shelley.