91,000 civil servants 'probably not doing anything' to be fired

THE government has decided to fire 91,000 civil servants who it assumes are completely dispensable layabouts.

The lazy, pointless administrators who do literally nothing will be given the boot without any cost because they are on zero hours contracts without redundancy or pensions, and no one at all will miss them.

A Downing Street spokesman said: “When times are tough, we know what to do: blame the same people we always blame.

“If these people were any good they’d have private sector jobs. Working in the public sector is an admission of failure, incompetence and indolence, unless you’re a Conservative government.

“That’s why we hate doctors, nurses, teachers, the police, and anyone working in the passport office, the home office, the DVLA and HMRC. Get rid of the lot. Who’ll even notice?

“And unless you’re rich you’ll continue paying the same taxes as you do now – more in fact – so the saving to the public is literally nothing even if the service turns out to be much, much worse.”

Civil servant Thomas Logan said: “It’s only logical. We need far fewer government employees now businesses have been left to sort out the f**king awful Brexit mess themselves.”

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Six aspects of your porn viewing you'd rather not talk about

IT’S supposedly normal to watch porn now, but you’d still prefer not to have a good old chat about it with your partner. Here are some issues you’d rather didn’t come up.

Have you got a thing about older women?

You’ve watched rather a lot of MILF and teacher porn so the answer might well be ‘yes’. But it’s not your fault – as a teenager you were biologically programmed to fancy most adult females you encountered. If you’d grown up with robots you’d want to shag Maria from Metropolis, and she’s got sharp edges.

This is totally unrealistic. It’s ridiculous.

You agree completely. Porn is incredibly stupid. But it’s not directed by Ken Loach, it’s directed by a sleazy bloke who pays porn people to have anal sex on his patio. You realise the chances of banging an attractive and unusually promiscuous pizza delivery girl are zero. Someone should tell Domino’s to change their hiring policy. The best part of 25 quid for two medium pizzas and a bit of coleslaw wouldn’t be such a rip-off then.

Elf porn? I mean… elf porn?

Oh come on, it’s just there to click on for free. Everyone says we should be liberal and broadminded, then suddenly a bit of hot Galadriel action is ‘weird’. The hypocrisy is disgusting.

What’s that grim-looking bondage dungeon video? 

Idle curiosity, honestly. You found it degrading to women and clicked on something else after a minute or two. So you’re actually a very moral person, like Jesus. If he’d spent his time watching videos with weird titles in bad English, such as ‘This big boob Roman babe make me cum so hard on a donkey!!!’

I suppose you wish I looked like her and had large breasts.

A tricky question. Obviously the answer is ‘yes’, but you’re also reasonably intelligent and realise a real relationship is different to fantasy sex. You’re not permanently disappointed with life because you’re not a cop shagging a beautiful, intriguingly dangerous novelist, like Nick in Basic Instinct. Because that’s made-up. Also it may be Sharon Stone, but the mind games would really get on your tits after a bit. 

Maybe we should watch porn together?

Let’s not, eh? You’ll look like a vile misogynist thanks to what other Pornhub masturbators watch. Also it reeks of ‘supervised fun’, like being taken to a crap municipal fireworks display in the rain by your parents as a kid, and you don’t get much less erotic than that.