Wednesday, 30th September 2020

Dad furious at Tories over exam results still going to vote for them next time

A MAN who is livid about the Conservatives’ handling of this year’s exams is definitely going to vote for them next time, he has confirmed.

Martin Bishop, who has been calling the government a “bunch of incompetent f**king arseholes” since the results were published, will still never consider voting for anyone else.

Bishop said: “I’ve never witnessed such a terrible leadership in my entire lifetime, even though it was obvious they were going to be shit when I voted them in last December.

“They’re either buffoons like Boris Johnson or probable sociopaths like Priti Patel, and seem to be hell-bent on running the country into the ground and culling all its citizens.

“On top of that they tried to ruin my daughter’s future by trying to predict her exam grades with an algorithm. They’re the worst government ever.

“Will I ever vote for them again? Yes, without question. I don’t like immigrants, benefits claimants or Remainers. The Tories have got it spot on with all those issues.

“What’s the alternative, Jeremy Corbyn? Obviously I know he’s not Labour leader anymore, but that’s the only excuse I’ve got left.”