Boris Johnson looks like ‘future prime minister of broken, war-torn remains of Britain’

BORIS Johnson looks like the prime minister Britain will have when it is a shattered wasteland of vagrants fleeing war, commentators believe. 

Right-wingers impressed with the former mayor’s performance in last night’s EU debate say they can imagine his holographic face looming over the smoking ruins of London in no more than a few years.

Tom Booker of the Telegraph said: “You couldn’t see Johnson’s effortless triumph yesterday without immediately imagining him in 2022 exhorting a fleeing population to fight the Volgan invaders by any means necessary.

“Instantly you can see him addressing ragged crowds in a ration queue, announcing that the city of Manchester is now a radioactive crater, or solemnly promising that vaccinations for weaponised bubonic plague are on their way.

“There’s just something about him that screams ‘ineffectual figurehead of dystopia’.”

Johnson said: “If the nation calls upon me to lead them while they hide in flooded church basements from tireless seek-and-destroy drones, then so be it.

“I shall not shirk my destiny.”