Brexiter to claim he was ‘just kidding’

A BREXITER who has finally realised it will not turn out well is to claim he was just joking.

Tom Logan, from Brentford, has decided that saying he was just pretending to back Brexit ‘for a laugh’ is more viable than continuing to insist it is a good idea.

He said: “With how unbelievably idiotic Brexit now seems, the joke theory is actually more credible.

“When my friends accuse me of lying, I’ll just get more and more smug about how I had them completely fooled. It’s a twatty way to behave, but not compared to crashing the UK economy.

“I’ll just keep insisting ‘Brexit Tom’ was a character. If there’s one thing this has taught me it’s that if you keep repeating outrageous lies some gormless bellend will believe you.”

Friend Nikki Hollis said: “Surely he’s not dumb enough to think we’ve all forgotten him ranting on cluelessly about the EU planning to send the entire population of Turkey here.

“On the other hand, he did vote for Brexit.”