Britons set out for historic vote on Europe before realising they’ve got the wrong day

VOTERS are heading to polling stations to decide if the nation will stay in the EU, before discovering that one is next month. 

Across Britain, voters are ready to make a decision that will shape the country’s future for decades to come only to find that they have not paid enough attention.

Passionate pro-Brexit campaigner Norman Steele said: “What the fuck is a police and crime commissioner?

“I come down here in my Union Jack waistcoat to reclaim our country’s freedom from the iron grip of the EUSSR and they give me this shit?

“I’ve got no idea who to vote for. Whichever one is for more police and less crime. Oh, all of them. Great.”

Mary Fisher of Dudley said: “So it’s only local elections? Because it’s taken me ages to make up me mind, so I really need to vote pro-Europe now before I forget.

“If I just write ‘Yes to EU’ in the boxes, can they carry mine over to next month? I don’t want to have to do this twice.”

A spokesman for the Election Commission said: “Today’s elections for meaningless posts like the Welsh Assembly will hopefully winnow out those voters too stupid or confused to contribute to important decisions.

“Everyone else, we’ll see you on June 23rd.”