Brown Backs 24-Hour Super-Musuems

PRIME minister Gordon Brown has thrown his weight behind a series of huge 24-hour super-musuems to regenerate Britain's deprived urban areas.

Keir Hardie kept a journal devoted to his favourite lamp-posts

The Prime Minister has abandoned the Blair government's plans for Las Vegas-style casinos and condemned gambling as "the enemy of self-improvement".

Instead he believes that run-down areas will reap massive economic benefits from round-the-clock museums, many of which will have their own libraries.

Mr Brown told MPs: "I want to see weeks and weeks of exhibitions dedicated to the early lives of the great Chartists.

"I want the wastelands of Manchester and Birmingham to be redeveloped as interactive learning centres, celebrating the repeal of the Corn Laws.

"And what could be more fun after a hard day at work than a guided tour of Keir Hardie's favourite lamp-posts?"

Mr Brown said he may eventually agree to a small amusement arcade, but only if it is run by the Co-op and includes a fruit machine based on the Great Reform Act of 1832.