Brown Useless At Connect Four, Says Blair

GORDON Brown is one of the worst players of Connect Four ever to hold the office of prime minister, friends of Tony Blair said last night.

Writing in the Mail on Sunday, former Labour fundraiser Lord Levy said Mr Brown would drop his counters in a straight line and never see that his opponent had two on one side and one on the other so he could drop a winner in the middle.

"He got caught every time, and then sat there staring, with this big stupid look on his face as if to say 'how did that happen?'"

According to Levy, the then chancellor also lined up his battleships in exactly the same formation and failed to grasp the fundamental principles of Snakes and Ladders, insisting that if the underlying conditions were in place it would be possible to climb up a snake.

One Blair aide said: "Of course we used to move his pieces around every time he went to the loo, but he was so off the pace he never even noticed."

It is understood Mr Brown used to be good at Monopoly, but Blairites insist this was only because he inherited Bond Street and Regent Street from Ken Clarke.

The source added: "At one stage he even had Mayfair and Park Lane, but then he mortgaged them to buy votes in the Midlands."

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Petula says: Dear Nicole,
Now let’s not be too hasty. Most men of a certain age will move out of the family home and go and get an apartment with another man who likes dressing up in uniform. They will go out dancing until all hours in clubs and bars that are frequented by homosexuals and snort poppers and whirl around and then go home and have bum sex with similar men who have also left their wives and moved into their own apartments and started dressing up in uniforms. But that does not mean they are gay. And anyway, even if he is a pervert why should you worry? It is not as if he is still in your house and could get at you, or any of your neighbour’s children is it? Most insurers will pay out for gayness these days but you will need to provide a bit more evidence than the vague hunches you have outlined so far. In the meantime could not your husband’s new builder friend help out with the heavy lifting?

I recently bought 31 new two-bedroom flats from a series of property developers for £7.5 million despite never having seen any of them. The idea was I would do no research, have no idea about the property market, they would manage them all for me, I would do no work whatsoever and I would become a millionaire. It all seemed very straightforward to me. So I did not put down any deposits and borrowed all the money from the bank at a silly interest rate. Now it appears my flats are worth nothing and I can’t rent them out to cover my interest bill. My bank is going to repossess all the flats and then my house and my car. It says I will still owe them £3.5 million and so will have to hand over my wife and my 15-year old daughter for the chief executive to use as he pleases. Might this explain the sudden and early onset of impotence?

Petula says: Dear Flaccid,
I am not sure whether your current situation is sufficient to explain your impotence. However, it certainly suggests you are fucked. You lazy, stupid, greedy, bastard.

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