Corbyn admits there are serious flaws with Britain’s voters

JEREMY Corbyn had admitted that Labour’s Copeland loss means they can no longer ignore the flaws of Britain’s electorate. 

The Labour leader said that while he still believed that polls had been misrepresenting the public, the by-election result meant they had to confront the fact that voters were seriously flawed.

He continued: “When a leader is backed overwhelmingly by the fastest-growing mass movement in Europe two years in succession, you know there’s no issue there. So you look elsewhere.

“The danger is that the contagion which caused Scottish voters to turn against Labour, for no reason whatsoever because we’d done literally nothing, has spread south to Cumbria.

“My mentor Pol Pot taught me it is never easy to order a cull, but if we are to prevent this infection reaching our heartlands it is sadly necessary.”

He added: “Once Copeland has been purged, we’ll re-establish a Labour-voting population by bringing in breeding pairs from Hackney and Islington.”