‘Corbyn’ now a slang term for useless thing

THE word ‘Corbyn’ has become a popular idiom for something that is utterly fucking useless.

The Labour leader’s surname has replaced ‘chocolate fireguard’, ‘chocolate teapot’ and ‘tits on a boar hog’ as the go-to phrase for comically describing something devoid of function.  

Builder Roy Hobbs said: “If I ask for bricks and someone brings me tiles, I’ll call them a right fucking Corbyn.

“I bought a second-hand van recently but the bottom’s all rusted out, that’s a Corbyn too.”

An Oxford Dictionary spokesman said: “You could compare ‘a Corbyn’ to ‘an ashtray on a motorbike’, but there are some circumstances under which a motorbike ashtray might actually be quite worthwhile.”