Crowd at Northamptonshire village fete breaks into chant of ‘Andrea Leadsom’

A PASSIONATE crowd of about 15 people broke into chants of ‘Oh, Andrea Leadsom’ at a village fete in Northamptonshire yesterday.

The chant, to the tune of The White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army, spread rapidly through the crowd in the village of Spemble, before Leadsom surprised everyone by turning up and doing the tombola.

Local resident, Tom Booker, said: “Everyone around me was chanting her name.

“From the cheese stand to the balloon corner, everyone let it be known that they wanted Andrea Leadsom to run this country.

“It was kind of deafening when I think about it.”

Fellow resident, Emma Bradford, added: “You can’t argue with those kinds of numbers.”

Leadsom then gave a rousing three minute speech about ‘why we should all be more patriotic’, ending with a quote she claimed was from Gandhi but was actually from Hermann Goering.