Driver who asked Theresa May for directions ‘wishing he was dead’

A DRIVER who took a wrong turn said he bitterly regrets asking directions from a woman who turned out to be the prime minister.

Martin Bishop, who got lost near Chequers, the prime minister’s weekend residence in Buckinghamshire, saw Mrs May from a distance and thought she looked like a ‘safe pair of hands’.

But, he confirmed, this proved to be a ‘calamitous miscalculation’.

Bishop said: “I asked her the quickest way to A418 as I was trying to get to Leighton Buzzard and she replied, ‘We are committed to the A418 which we regard as an important partner’.

“I said ‘Yes, but which way do I go?’ to which she said, ‘the government values its relationship with the A418 going forward’.

“I said, ‘but what if I was planning to go forward, right now, towards Leighton Buzzard?’. To which she replied, ‘Philip Hammond’s recent comments about the A418 are not government policy’.”

Bishop added: “At this point I told her to just fuck off. She seemed genuinely surprised.”