Hardcore Remainers become equally unbearable

DIE-HARD Remain supporters have become just as hellish and unbearable as their Brexit counterparts, it has emerged.

Pro-EU obsessives have followed the example of fanatical Brexiters in becoming a weird, angry cult that nobody wants to associate with.

Self-described ‘Remainiac’ Joanna Kramer said: “I got a ‘We Are The 48%’ face tattoo and told all my friends who didn’t vote Lib Dem that they deserve to be cast into a snake pit.”

Fellow Remain partisan Stephen Malley said: “I like to tell everyone that the referendum was only advisory, which is definitely what I would have been saying if we’d won.

“Also, I might want to live in Barcelona one day, and leaving the EU will make that significantly harder and more expensive. So it’s absolutely vital I tell Brexit supporters that they are deluded yokels who don’t deserve the vote.”

Malley’s friend Nikki Hollis said: “I voted Remain, and I think Brexit will be a disaster, but we lost and I respect the democratic process. Although, if it pisses Stephen off this much, it can’t be all bad.”

She added: “I’m really starting to despise the liberal metropolitan elite.”