He actually spoke against Corbyn, says aghast Labour supporter

LABOUR leadership challenger Owen Smith stood on stage and said bad things about Jeremy Corbyn right to Jeremy’s face, shocked supporters have confirmed. 

Hundreds of Labour voters watched open-mouthed at last night’s hustings in Cardiff where Smith criticised Corbyn as if he had every right to do so.

Momentum member Eleanor Shaw said: “Does he not realise who Jeremy Corbyn is?

“This is a man who opposed the Iraq war, who has crusaded for workers rights for four decades, who has never worn a tie, and some jumped-up MP stands there slinging insults as if he was any ordinary politician?

“Poor Jeremy just stood there, bewildered, asking again and again why Smith resigned from the shadow cabinet while harsh words rained down upon him.

“He’s a 67-year-old man, for God’s sake. From now on we need to make sure he’s kept to environments where his ideas aren’t challenged and he can feel comfortable, like Islington.”

Shaw added: “If Smith wants to continue spouting his filth he can do it somewhere nobody decent will hear him. Like the mainstream media.”

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Gluten tastes delicious

GLUTEN is the magic ingredient that makes everything from bread to biscuits taste delicious, research has confirmed. 

Comparative tests have found that since everything gluten-free tastes terrible, logically gluten is a delight for the palate that makes eating worthwhile.

Tom Booker of Harrogate said: “My girlfriend has gluten-free cakes because of an allergy, and last night she made me try one. It was like eating curtains from a bowl.

“But when I had a proper cake after it tasted absolutely fantastic, so we can only conclude that gluten is the greatest and everyone should have as much as possible.

“I wonder what just a full bowl of gluten tastes like. Probably just so amazing.”

Girlfriend Emma Bradford says: “Tom really loves his gluten, where I can’t have pies or biscuits or sandwiches or anything like that.

“He’ll never know what it’s like to be special like me.”