Friday, 28th February 2020

I am not Marty McFly so you may call me chicken as much as you like, explains Corbyn

JEREMY Corbyn has explained to Conservatives that he is not the film character ‘Marty McFly’ and suffers no instinctive reaction to being called ‘chicken’. 

As Tories prepared their next brilliant plan of moving their arms like wings while clucking a lot, which they are convinced will win them an early election and no-deal Brexit, Corbyn remained unmoved.

He said: “As it happens I saw the film Back to the Future during an unguarded moment in the 1980s, and am familiar with the character played by Michael J Fox.

“I am unlike McFly in many ways. I have no age-inappropriate friendships with scientists, I do not ‘skitch’ on motor vehicles with my skateboard, and I am not in the least annoyed at being called ‘chicken’.

“In fact I admire chickens and hope to lead Britain to a self-sufficient socialist future where every household keeps chickens, as they do in Cuba, killing them for food when government rations fall short.

“Chickens are socialist. The three lions on English football shirts should be replaced by three noble chickens. Do you have any other ideas?”

A leading Conservative MP said: “Okay lads, let him have it. Frit! Frit! Frit! Frit! Frit! Frit! Frit! Frit!”