I have no idea what I have just done

AS prime minister and leader of your country, I have just done something which will have consequences completely unknown to me. 

By sending an Article 50 letter to the EU, which has never been done before, I have metaphorically pressed a big red button marked ‘Do Not Press’ just to see what happens.

Normally, the role of a country’s leader is to be fully briefed on all possible contingencies of any decision they make, rather than to be entirely oblivious about it.

But on this occasion, it is not my job to know what I am doing. My job is only to leap into the unknown and now, just as Northern Ireland has no government and Scotland is drumming up support for independence and the US has gone mad, is the perfect time.

As my mother once said, you get nowhere in life without taking chances. Although to be fair she said that when I was nervous about going pony trekking on a school trip, which is a slightly different thing.

Please join me in hoping it all works out.