Sunday, 25th October 2020

Iain Duncan Smith’s bookshelf has 54 leather-bound volumes of Fiesta

THE bookshelf of Sir Iain Duncan Smith has a full run of British pornographic magazine Fiesta hand-bound in leather, photos have confirmed. 

The former Conservative leader and samurai was interviewed for ITN in front of a bookshelf proudly displaying the bound volumes, which constitute a full run of the magazine since 1966.

He said: “Yes, I’ve got them all. I think of it more as a historical archive than a collection. I’m planning to leave it to the Bodleian Library.

“My interest began as a young man – and I still have the copy I found in a hedge in our country estate, tattered and torn as it was – and only burgeoned once I realised how central Fiesta is to our culture. Did you know they invented Readers’ Wives?

“I’ve hunted them down over the years, finally completed the set, and had them bound in calfskin for the library here at our 17th-century Buckinghamshire manor house.

“Many’s the evening I put on my white cotton gloves and have a flick through them. A bit better than the Gove’s pretentious political bookshelves, isn’t it?”

A stung Michael Gove countered by claiming he has a framed canvas-effect print of a seminal 1988 Razzle stack over the fireplace in his drawing room.