Johnson and Davis to spend next three months backpacking around South East Asia

BORIS Johnson and David Davis have confirmed that they quit the cabinet to go backpacking around South East Asia together.

The former Brexit minister and foreign secretary announced that they had been planning the trip for ages and just could not wait to get to the full moon raves on the beaches of Thailand.

Johnson said: “Just a couple of lads, Bojo and Double D, that’s what we’ll tell the ladyboys our names are.

“I mean, ladies. Definitely ladies and not ladyboys.”

Davis said: “We’re hoping to make it down to Indonesia to at some point and maybe take some magic mushrooms.

“Then when we’re high as a kite on the funky fungus, we’ll sit down and come up with our own Brexit plan.

“It’ll most likely just be drawings of geckos with lasers shooting out of their eyes, so pretty similar to what we’ve got on the table already.”