Labour Party unveils 24-foot bronze statue of brave and noble leader Corbyn

THE Labour Party has confirmed the smelting of a 24 foot bronze statue of Jeremy Corbyn in which he will be either handing out bread or banging his left fist into his right hand.

The statue of Corbyn will be placed in the newly named Freedom Square, formerly Leicester Square, after the revolution comes in the next couple of months.

A Labour spokesman said: “We’d really like quite of these statues dotted round the place to be honest. Just to remind the public of the great and noble sacrifices and victories of our infallible leader.

“We also want a 20 foot statue of John McDonnell looking generally annoyed, a 50 foot statue of Diane Abbott carrying farming equipment, and also one of Tom Watson.

“Just shitting you, we’re obviously not making one of Tom Watson.”