Mcconnell Comes Last In ‘Zoo Trustworthiness’ Poll

FIRST Minister Jack McConnell is the party leader least trusted to take your 19 year old-sister to the zoo, according to the first Daily Mash readers’ poll.

McConnell may love penguins but he can’t be trusted at the zoo, say readers

The Scottish Labour leader secured just 15% of the votes, well behind his political rivals.

Nicol Stephen, the Liberal Democrat leader, claimed a convincing victory with 43%. SNP chief Alex Salmond and Solidarity leader Tommy Sheridan shared second spot with 21% each.

“This is a very damaging blow to Labour’s strategy as we enter the last week of the campaign,” said Professor Nathan Muir of Glasgow Clyde University.

“Labour set out to portray McConnell as a safe pair of hands when it came to people’s 19 year-old sisters, whether it was at the zoo, the pictures or walking the West Highland Way.

“They even tested McConnell’s reactions on a visit to the zoo last month and he was absolutely captivated by the penguins. Couldn’t see past them.”

Professor Muir added: “Sheridan scored surprisingly well, but Salmond will be disappointed. He’s a master of the zoo visit. That’s his territory.

“As for Nicol Stephen, this poll shows he is seen as decent, trustworthy, responsible and a boring little tit.”