Wednesday, 19th February 2020

Yay, now it's our turn to call people traitors, confirms Labour

A SPLIT in the Labour party today means both of Britain’s leading political parties will spend all their time constantly denouncing traitors. 

Following the departure of Chuka Umunna and six other moderates to form a tiny, pointless centrist party, Labour will cease opposing the Conservatives and focus all its efforts on the Judases from within its own ranks. 

Guardian columnist Owen Jones said: “Everyone knows the Tories are bad. The thrill of fighting them’s long since worn off. These treasonous fuckers? Death’s too good for them. They need parading in the streets of Liverpool with bells tolling their moderate shame. 

“There’s nothing healthier than a country where both major parties are entirely focused on the back-stabbing turncoats on their own side, and what better time than when facing a national crisis neither is willing to address? 

“Traitors! Traitors! Ah, it feels so good to finally scream it. You know, I kind of get where the Brexiters are coming from now.” 

Party member Norman Steele said: “Ah, I remember when Corbyn was a traitor. Of course, because it was him we called him a ‘rebel’.”