Parliament to tackle sexual harassment with pay rise for MPs

THE best way to stamp out sexual harassment in parliament is to pay MPs more if they promise not to do it, it has been claimed.

Politicians believe they should be rewarded with a modest £25,000 pay rise if they do their best to stop making lewd comments to women and touching them inappropriately.

Tory MP Denys Finch Hatton said: “I’ve spoken to MPs on both sides of the House and we all agree we must do everything we can to prevent sexual harassment by us.

“I feel a pay rise will work because if there’s one thing that motivates MPs it’s being given money.

“The next time I see a smashing pair of knockers I’ll just think about all the extra cash I can invest in organic dog treats for my labrador ‘Brunel’ and that should distract me until I’m out of danger.”