So is casual racism not allowed either? asks UKIP

UKIP has asked for clarification on whether ‘casual racism’ is the same as ‘proper racism’.

The party wants to know if terms such as ‘ting-tong’ are offensive and when to apologise for using the word ‘Paki’.

Tom Logan, a UKIP candidate from Peterborough, said: “If people object to ‘casual racism’ then they shouldn’t call it ‘casual’. That makes me think everyone is very relaxed about it.

“This means there’s now a huge number of words I can no longer say out loud. Luckily the vast majority of my conversations take place inside my own head. It’s so noisy in there.”

Jane Thomson, a UKIP candidate from Doncaster, said: “This is confusing. Jeremy Clarkson used the word ‘slope’ in a very casual way. It’s not as if he wrote it down or used it while talking to a member of the Royal family.

“And he’s still being paid a huge amount of money by the BBC. It’s not as if they sacked him immediately. They just gave him a bit of a talking to and then wrote him another massive cheque.

“What about ‘dago’?”


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Assange's cultural references so 2012

WIKILEAKS founder Julian Assange has told reporters at the Ecuadorian embassy that he is unchained like Django and to call him maybe.

Assange said: “For two years I’ve been trapped in a Red Room of Pain but now I’m ready to rock the international community Gangnam style.

“For example, I can tell the world the secret of how Sherlock survived his fatal leap from the roof of St Bart’s Hospital and went on to an epic win.

“And that mysterious post-credits villain in The Avengers? I know who he really is, and why he got so much swag.

“I also have information which proves that the NSA is masterminding an illegal global surveillance operation harvesting hundreds of millions of emails from ordinary people.”