Friday, 4th December 2020

Hapless twat does it again

THE blundering dickhead in charge of the country has only gone and got himself exposed to Covid again. 

Boris Johnson, whose key job this year has been to ensure that Britain is not overwhelmed by the coronavirus. caught it once in the first lockdown and now may have it again in the second.

Nathan Muir of Hitchin said: “For f**k’s sake, Boris.

“Once can be regarded as misfortune, though it’s hard to do so when you’re on record as saying you’ve shaken the hands of a full hospital ward.

“But after you were in intensive care and nearly died you claimed it had been a sobering learning experience that had brought you face-to-face with your own mortality. Then you do it again.

“We’re all in lockdown and you’re meeting people indoors and maskless? What’s wrong with you? Did you not know the rules you yourself made? Dense twat.”

Boris Johnson said “I can assure everyone that I am fit and healthy and bursting with antibodies and absolutely as brainless as my critics claim. Haha. Thick as absolute f**k.”