We've always cared about racism, say people who happen to hate Corbyn

EVERYONE accusing Jeremy Corbyn of condoning anti-semitism has always been strongly opposed to prejudice in all its forms, they have confirmed.

Rival politicians, right-wing columnists and Tory voters are definitely not just trying to undermine a Labour leader who is normally too dull to pin any proper scandal on.

Daily Mail columnist Nathan Muir said: “No one is more committed than me to stamping out the vile disease of anti-semitism. I’ve seen Schindler’s List twice.

“Racism sickens me. Admittedly last week I wrote an article entitled ‘Is dear old Blighty about to become a Muslim cesspit?’ but that’s different because I’m criticising a religion.”

Tory MP Donna Sheridan said: “The evidence against Corbyn is overwhelming. He didn’t look at a Facebook thing properly and there are some anti-Israel nutters in the Labour party, which anyone can join with no real checks.

“If that doesn’t make him a card-carrying Nazi no different to SS leader Heinrich Himmler I don’t know what does. I’m surprised the brownshirted bastard hasn’t invaded Poland.

“I refuse to stand by and do nothing. I’ll be giving fact-free interviews on Channel 4 News every night until this dangerous man is no longer a threat to Jews and the Conservative party.”

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Couple's new home to reflect their unique taste in IKEA

A COUPLE are filling their new home with carefully-selected items from a little shop called IKEA.

Carolyn and Joe Ryan recently bought their first place and seized the opportunity to make a home that expresses their distinctive passion for pushing a trolley around a maze-like warehouse.

Carolyn Ryan said: “It was exciting to have our own place, where we can express ourselves in exactly the same way that everyone else has.

“Like virtually everyone else on the planet, we bought a couple of Billy bookcases and filled them with books interspersed with randomly placed pots, photo frames and souvenirs.

“All the trinkets really mean something to us – from places like Thailand where loads of people go travelling, or Budapest, where literally everyone we know has been for a weekend bender.”

Joe added: “We stopped short of buying generic IKEA art because, like everyone else, we consider ourselves a little bit more original than that.

“Instead we bought Ikea frames and filled them with the alternative and artfully shot wedding photos that we and everyone else have. The one on the landing is just a close-up of our wedding rings next to Carolyn’s bouquet.

“It’s so us – although of course it could also be anyone.”