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What you do for a living versus what your mum tells people you do

YOU’VE got an important and interesting job which your mum can’t get her head round. Here’s what you actually do, compared to what she tells people you do:

Your job: Head of data analytics

She says: ‘Something about computers’

Your job: Risk analyst

She says: ‘Fiddles around with spreadsheets’

Your job: Building contractor

She says: ‘Bricklayer’

Your job: User interface designer

She says: ‘Website thingies’

Your job: Video game development

She says: ‘Sits around playing on the SNES’

Your job: Reference specialist at the British Library

She says: ‘Stamps books’

Your job: Successful influencer

She says: ‘Makes silly videos’

Your job: Regional manager for popular chain of pubs

She says: ‘Barmaid’

Your Job: Laboratory technician

She says: ‘Basically a doctor’

Your job: Cyber security analyst

She says: ‘IT’

Your job: Cyber security analyst at GCHQ

She says: ‘Fancy IT’

Your job: Geographical information manager for national bus company

She says: ‘He cut the bus route to Tuesday bingo’

Your job: Bin man

She says: ‘Very important job at the council’

Your job: McDonalds line cook

She says: ‘Chef’

Your job: Digital consultant

She says: ‘Facebook’

Your job: Communications specialist

She says: ‘Gabbing on the phone a lot. Never rings me, though’

Your job: Backend specialist

She says: ‘Are you sure it’s not pornography?’

Your job: Writer

She says: ‘Unemployed waste of space’