Michael Sheen and five other celebrities who you'd never guess it but are actually Welsh

NOT all celebrities are from America, some of them even come from Wales. Not that you would ever suspect these ones hail from the Land of Song.

Michael Sheen

He may star in Good Omens alongside American hunk Jon Hamm and Scottish heartthrob David Tennant, but don’t let them distract you. Listen closely and you’ll hear the faint lilt of a Welsh accent in Michael Sheen’s voice. Believe it or not he’s actually from Newport, not that he ever goes on about it at every opportunity at great length. He’s got more class than that.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

“Bollocks!” you’re likely shouting at your screen. “Catherine Zeta-Jones is a big screen Hollywood star who has appeared in lots of great films like The Mask of Zorro and The Legend of Zorro, no way could a Welsh person do that!” Check yourself, arsehole, she’s from Swansea, making her as Welsh as a red dragon holding a daffodil.

Russell T Davies

World-renowned writer Russell T Davies not only resurrected Doctor Who and penned a moving drama about the AIDS crisis, but he also had the miraculous good fortune to be born in Wales. Watch his shows with a keen eye and this obscure fact will subtly present itself in between – and even during – snappy, moralising dialogue and raunchy sex scenes.

Bonnie Tyler

You’ve listened to Total Eclipse of the Heart a million times and not once has Bonnie Tyler’s distinctive husky voice revealed her Welsh origins. However you were incredibly pissed on each occasion and singing over it with your own tone-deaf vocals, so you might have missed it. In interviews her accent is ever so slightly more apparent.

Tom Jones

It sounds too strange to be true, but baritone superstar, and the only reason your mum ever watched The Voice, Tom Jones originally hails from Pontypridd. Double check all you want, but he’s not from Las Vegas as you would expect. Fun fact: Cerys Matthews is actually Welsh too, which explains why they did that dodgy Christmas song together.

Alex Jones

No, not the alt-right radio show host your dad thinks has some good ideas, that would be wild. Instead, think of The One Show presenter that isn’t Matt Baker. That’s right, when she isn’t awkwardly segueing from a frothy interview with Su Pollard to a segment on the impending threat of nuclear war, Alex Jones is busy thinking of leeks and simmering with resentment for the English like all good Welsh people.

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Woman has admirably feminist reason for cheating

A WOMAN caught cheating has a respectable, patriarchy-smashing reason for doing so, it has emerged.

Eleanor Shaw does not feel an ounce of guilt for being caught sleeping with another man by her boyfriend due to some noble feminist excuse that she is clearly making up while frantically putting her clothes back on.

Shaw said: “It’s typical of the male gaze to look at a woman secretly shagging a man who isn’t her partner and see a problem. I honestly thought you were more progressive than that.

“Historically, men have slept around way more than women, which is grossly unfair. By fooling around behind your back I’m just closing the adultery gap. I expect history will remember me as the Emiline Pankhurst of booty calls.

“I don’t expect you to understand. You’re blinded by your privilege. In a fair and equal society, taken women should be free to bang whoever they like whenever they want. Anything else is just oppression and if you disagree with me you’re a monster.

“Similarly, if boyfriends so much as look at another woman’s chest instead of her eyes, then they should have to pay financial reparations for the next two decades. That’ll make up for us not getting the vote until 1928.”

Shaw’s boyfriend Tom Booker said: “On behalf of all men, I’m sorry. Please resume your doggy style and I’ll let myself out.”