Thanos. Ernst Blofeld. Emperor Palpatine. And Sadiq Khan, most evil of them all

By Abigail Pennson, our reasonable, plain-speaking middle-class columnist who wants the IDF over here doing what they do best

YOU cannot imagine what it’s like, you provincials. Living here, in London, in the shadow of the most despotic, corrupt, malevolent regime ever known. 

Our Tube trains are plastered with images of his cruel, sneering face. Our streets choked with the pro-Palestinian marches he orders daily. Our only communication a regulation muttered ‘Hail Sadiq’ with lowered eyes as we pass in the rainswept streets.

In London, you cannot afford a house because Khan has requisitioned them all to hand out to his Islamist mates. You cannot drive a car because all roads have been blocked by his ‘low-traffic neighbourhoods.’ You cannot eat anywhere but Pret.

All freedom has been stamped out under Khan’s jackboot. At gunpoint, we ride his Windrush line. We file through art galleries with endless new exhibitions called ‘Why Whites Are Bad’. We pay thousands for West End shows glorifying his reign.

If you’re from the normal world – from Doncaster, from Ipswich, from sunny Stoke-on-Trent – you may find this hard to believe. ‘But you voted for him,’ you’ll say, blindly. ‘Twice. And his father was a bus driver.’

He was. And, enraged in childhood by the lack of representation in On The Buses, hardened in adulthood by his swashbuckling predecessor’s removal of the bendy buses designed to wipe out the white race, that’s where Khan’s crusade began.

Seizing power illegally, he made sure only news favourable to him escaped London. Inside the capital, he allowed crime to run rampant. He ensured the Met was institutionally racist in his favour. He pumped pollution into the air to kill our children.

Smiling was forbidden. Wearing earphones, broadcasting podcasts boosting his reign 24-7, mandatory. Even brief eye contact can see you shot dead and your body stepped over without a word.

If you’ve visited London, you know it’s true. But, unable to swallow the enormity of it, you blamed Londoners for being unfriendly, blamed the rich for house prices, blamed pigeons for the corpses littering Trafalgar Square.

Caligula? Knew how to have a laugh. Stalin? Began with the best of intentions. Hitler? Misguided, but never less than honest. Sadiq Khan is worse than them all.

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