One-nil England win greeted like three-goal Scotland loss

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Teenager's signature dish is toast

A TEENAGER’S trademark recipe is two slices of white bread expertly cooked in a toaster, he has boasted.

16-year-old Ryan Whittaker’s culinary calling card is a nutrition-free helping of gently burnt bread, served unadorned with no more than a smear of butter, which he prepares for himself between three and eight times a day.

He said: “It’s important to be self-sufficient, able to conjure a full cooked meal out of unpromising ingredients, so that’s why I learned this off YouTube.

“While it looks simple enough, it’s easy to get wrong. First clumsily tear open the bread bag, then place a slice into each slot. Strictly one per slot, or the smoke alarm goes off and you get given a load of bullshit by mum.

“Don’t cut off the crusts or fiddle with the toaster settings. This is raw, vital cookery, not that fancy crap. Simply ram the lever down and obstruct vital kitchen cupboards while the heating elements get to work.

“No need to present it on anything fancy like a plate either. The best flavour comes from walking around the house munching away, leaving a trail of breadcrumbs behind you. Leave unwanted crusts wherever you like, they’re environmentally degradable.”

Whittaker, under the name MindfullBaker, now has 375,000 people following his daily recipes on TikTok.