Preston supporter stresses his hatred of Blackpool is non-homophobic

A PRESTON North End supporter has stressed his enduring hatred of Blackpool FC has nothing to do with its pioneering out gay player.

Die-hard Lilywhites fan Wayne Hayes backs Jake Daniels coming out, and is going out of his way to tell people it is unrelated to his continued loathing of his club’s Lancashire rivals.

Hayes said: “A 17-year-old coming out and single-handedly becoming the face of the LGBT community in UK football is undeniably impressive. It’s hardly my fault he plays for scum.

“My contempt for Blackpool goes back generations, and it’ll take more than a striker embracing his true identity to bridge that divide. I hate everything about the bastard Donkey Lashers, apart from the one minor issue of one player’s sexual orientation.

“I’ll still shower the players with an abusive chant come the next heated M55 derby, but I’ll wave a little Pride flag while I sing it so Jake knows I’m on his side off the pitch. But f**k him when he’s on it.

“We football fans can be a surprisingly progressive bunch once we put our tribal differences aside. He’ll be welcomed with open arms. As long as the prick doesn’t f**king score.”

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How to be a f**king annoying passenger on a car journey

NOT content with reclining in the passenger seat while someone else does all the work? Here’s how to be so irritating they drive into a tree: 

You are the in-car DJ

Come prepared with a playlist or several. If the car has a CD player, bring a stack of CDs to clatter. Focus on only playing music you enjoy, no matter how unsuitable. Then sulk when the driver switches to Magic FM an hour into your musical journey of abstract Bjork remixes, Mike and the Mechanics deep cuts and Napalm Death’s more accessible stuff.

Be a hindsight driver

You’re not in control, so you don’t have to live by the relentless pace of the roads. Give advice when you’re good and ready, like ‘You should have passed that caravan back there, before this narrow bit’ and ‘that was our junction, didn’t you realise?’

Explore the wonderland of motorway services

When the driver needs a piss, seize your chance. After all you’ve been bored for hours. Consume a massive Cumberland sausage meal, have a go on the fruit machines in Lucky Coin and browse WHSmith at length. You have now added an hour and 15 minutes to a six-hour journey to Glasgow. Get back in the car and have a little sleep.

Be moody

If your partner is driving, the confines of a car are ideal for simmering tension. Be awkward, grumpy and monosyllabic. At a confusing and crucial roundabout, reveal you’ve been brooding over the shittest grievance ever: ‘You never bought me those jeans you promised me four years ago!’

Eat throughout

Every year, millions of people starve to death on two-hour journeys. Well they don’t, but they act like they do. Buy way too many crisps, sweets and sugary drinks. The constant crunching, sucking and rustling of wrappers should be so distracting the driver almost hits an HGV and wouldn’t care if they had if it stopped you slobbering like a dog.

Need the toilet

Brush off reminders to have a wee before you set off, resulting in a tense detour to find somewhere to relieve yourself in a built-up area. Ignoring advice a four-year-old can grasp will make even the most caring partner want to throw you from a moving vehicle.