Ferguson Apologises To Pre-Menstrual Reading Fans

SIR ALEX Ferguson has apologised for upsetting Reading supporters at the weekend, saying he did not realise they were having their period.

Reading boss Steve Coppell spent the rest of the weekend curled up on the sofa with series three of 'Will and Grace'

The Manchester United manager admitted his offensive gesture at the Madejski Stadium was excessive given the delicate hormonal balance of the opposing fans.

"Football can be a tough old game," said Ferguson. "Especially if you're just some wee lassie with the painters in, who bursts into hysterics if you put sugar in her tea."

Wayne Hayes, spokesman for the Reading FC Supporters Association, said: "We were all feeling very upset and vulnerable after Ronaldo's goal.

"To then make a rude sign and raise his voice like that was just horrid. He said he didn't raise his voice, but he did."

Hayes added: "My friend Wesley is facing a particularly difficult week at work and this was the last thing he needed."

Ferguson admitted to being 'insensitive' adding: "I didn't realise how emotionally fragile they would be, especially after the previous night's episode of Grey's Anatomy.

"The next time we play Reading I'll bring along plenty of chocolate and tampons for everybody."