I thought I was joining Man City, admits Pogba

PAUL Pogba thought he was joining Man City but didn’t want to make a fuss by mentioning it before, it has emerged.

Record-breaking signing Pogba believes a miscommunication with his agent lead to the awful mistake which he is hoping can be rectified as soon as possible.

Pogba said: “All my agent said was ‘Pack your bags, Paul, you’re moving to Manchester.’

“So I said, ‘Great. I can’t wait to be playing in the Champions League with them next season.’ But he was drying his hair at that point and so I don’t think he heard me properly.

When we were driving to the airport I said, ‘I’m really looking forward to working with Pep Guardiola’ but a lorry beeped its horn at the exact moment so my agent just smiled and said ‘Yeah it’s a great move for everyone.’”

It was only when they asked me to pose with a Man United top and Jose Mourinho that it all sank in and I got this sick feeling in my stomach.”