Wednesday, 28th October 2020

Is Liverpool's comeback the most irritating of all time? 

LIVERPOOL’S unbelievable comeback to beat Barcelona four-nil yesterday was intensely irritating for most of Britain. But was it the most irritating of all time? Check out the contenders: 

Liverpool v AC Milan, 2005

Liverpool’s last infuriating comeback won them the bloody cup and meant they could put another bloody gold star on their replica bloody strips, the wankers. Bloody good game though. 

England's World Cup Run, 2018

Just as English fans had finally faced up to the team being crap, laughable and doomed to shameful failure, they ruin everyone’s summer plans by gallingly being decent again, the fuckers. Now we’ll hope and that’s the last thing we wanted. 

The Stone Roses, 2012

The return of the baggy-trousered Mancunians got the nation in a frenzy to see them play their limited repertoire which you couldn’t hear because twats sang along to everything, even the guitar solos. Bonus: mostly the same twats as the Liverpool and United comebacks above. 

Wispa Gold, 2009

We wanted Wispa back, not its sickly caramel-leaking brother. Fuck off.