Man United cracks down on fans smuggling sudoku into Old Trafford

MANCHESTER United has pledged to stop fans smuggling puzzles, games and books into Old Trafford to keep them occupied during matches.

The club has trained its security staff to spot a sudoku book being concealed inside a match programme and bags are being searched for novels.

Suspicions were raised during the team’s 0-0 draw with West Ham when a Marouane Fellaini near miss was greeted by absolute silence, except for a dispute taking place over a game of ‘Buckaroo!’ in the Stretford End.

A Manchester United spokesman said: “We will not tolerate fans being entertained.”

Season ticket holder Wayne Hayes said: “Since August I’ve read most of Dickens. It has been a literary feast, courtesy of Louis van Gaal.”

He added: “I’m taking my tax return to the Norwich game.”