Sunday, 16th May 2021

Men urged not to start fantasy football teams if they're just going to abandon them

MEN have been warned to take the responsibility of a fantasy football team seriously rather than walking away the moment it goes wrong. 

The plea comes as record numbers of fantasy teams find themselves without a manager just six weeks into the new season.

A spokesperson for the Fantasy Football League said: “Every man thinks they want a fantasy football team. They see how well their colleague Darren’s did last year and get all excited.

“But after the initial thrill of picking top strikers and filling out the midfield with Burnley players when you’ve run out of money, not everyone is prepared for the hard work, the care and the utter grinding boredom involved.

“A few injuries, a missed transfer window, Jesse Lingard played as a striker, and suddenly men walk away from their teams without a backward glance. It’s just not fair.”

Tom Logan said: “I lavished love and affection on ‘Your Mum Athletic’. I had such high hopes. But you don’t realise how much looking after they need.

“When I see their position in the office league it makes me ashamed. If I could put them in a sack of bricks and throw them in the canal, I would.”