Mosley To Mount A Donkey Before French Grand Prix

MOTORSPORT boss Max Mosley is to mount a donkey before the French Grand Prix later this month.

The donkey is not a Nazi

Mosley is keen to explore undiscovered areas of his sexuality, secure in the knowledge he has the full backing of the FIA.

The international motorsport body yesterday gave its official seal of approval to Mosley's frenzied Germanic spank orgies and urged him to discard any remaining sexual inhibitions.

The FIA president is now planning a full-scale donkey sex demonstration on the grid at Magny-Cours, minutes before the cars line up.

It is understood Mosley has picked out a three year-old donkey from a farm in Hampshire and will spend the next two weeks testing step ladders.

An FIA spokesman said: "What a man does in the privacy of his own freaky sex dungeon surrounded by  whores has nothing to do with his job.

"We've checked his time sheets and all the twisted sado-masochism took place during lunch or after 5pm."

The spokesman added: "Would you like to urinate on my chest?"