Nobody offended by Harry Kane’s ‘World Cup Group Stage June 18’ tattoo

TEAMMATES and fans have no issue with Harry Kane’s new tattoo commemorating England’s upcoming group stage exit, they have confirmed.

The England captain got the back tattoo done early so he can display it to crowds at close of the team’s final game against Belgium in the Kaliningrad Stadium on July 28th.

An England insider said: “Harry’s not living in some fantasy land of guns and gangsters and fluke victories over Tunisia, unlike certain City strikers I could name.

“He’s thought ahead and got himself inked with a really moving image of a gravestone surrounded by the ghostly heads of the squad ready for those slow-motion shots of his sweaty torso as we exit the competition, probably over an Adele song.

“Jordan Pickford’s particularly pleased with his likeness. No-one’s had the courage to tell him it’s actually Joe Hart.”

Sun journalist Wayne Hayes said: “The captain of the England team’s so sure we’ll lose that he’s had it permanently tattooed on his body?

“Non-story. Get out of my way. I’ve got a hot tip that Raheem Sterling likes rap music.”