WH Smith to modernise by doing video rentals

HIGH street newsagent WH Smith is pinning its hopes on renting out VHS and Betamax videos.

Recently voted ‘worst high street shop’, the chain is hitting back at claims of outdatedness by introducing video rental departments in all its stores.

A spokesman said: “Never let it be said that WH Smiths is afraid to embrace the future.

“You may not have heard of ‘video’ yet, but let me tell you it’s the way forward. Putting one of these large black plastic cassettes into a special ‘video player machine’ allows you to watch films or television programmes at your leisure.

“It’s like having your own telly channel! You can even ‘pause’ films if you need the toilet.”

WH Smith also confirmed its video rental departments will be stocking all the latest films including Beverly Hills Cop 2, Gremlins and Lethal Weapon.