Redknapp’s phone autocorrected ‘impending relegation’ to ‘knee operation’

A SPELL-CHECK error has seen Harry Redknapp mistakenly cite a knee operation as his reason for leaving relegation dead-certs QPR. 

Redknapp said: “Honestly, I’ll never get the hang of these iPhones. I meant to write: ‘I’m leaving QPR because of their impending relegation’ but the bloody spelling thingy altered it. 

“It was such an obvious mistake, I’m surprised the press actually ran with it. I mean, clearly, as a rational human being, the reason I want to leave QPR is that they’re quite shit.

“I’m a professional manager with a reputation to consider, so I don’t want to piss my time away flogging the skeleton of a dead horse. 

“And as for the whole ‘knee operation’ thing, I mean, come on. Managers don’t need knees.”

Redknapp revealed he would now be taking a break from football, in order to establish a new business venture buying and selling the wheeled villains from the 1985 film Return to Oz.

He added: “That doesn’t make me a Wheeler dealer, though. I am not a fucking Wheeler dealer. I’m simply a man who owns and operates a Wheeler dealership.”