This World Cup has nothing on 1954, say football hipsters

FOOTBALL hipsters have insisted the current World Cup is ‘vastly inferior’ to Switzerland ’’54.

Wayne Hayes, a self-described ‘enganche’ enthusiast, said: “”Anyone who compares any of these matches to the ‘Miracle of Berne’ is frankly delusional.

“1954 had everything: a goal-per-game average of 5.38, the Magical Magyars, and a cutting-edge, Bauhaus-meets-Mondrian logo.””

Hayes added that the current playing arenas were a pale imitation of 1954’s Wankdorf Stadium, and that ‘Lionel Messi et al were no’t fit to lace Sandor Kocsis’ boots’.

Football blogger Joseph Turner disagreed with his analysis, however, saying that while Switzerland ‘’54 may have had loads of goals, goals were overrated.

Turner said: “”The World Cup had gone mainstream by the fifties. I argue on my site that Italia ’34 was Italia ’90 without the branding.”