‘Welsh’ fan miming very poorly to ‘Land of My Fathers’

A MAN who has been keen to stress his ‘Welshness’ does not know a single word of the country’s national anthem, his friends have confirmed.

Over the last few weeks Tom Logan, who was born in England, has spoken with an increasingly Welsh accent, but appeared ill at ease when the national anthem began before the game against Belgium.

Friend Clare Bradford said: “We presumed that if Tom was as Welsh as he insisted he’d be able to give at least a passable rendition of Land of My Fathers.

“His mouth was moving up and down, but there were no words coming out, except that every now and again he’d mumble ‘Wales’ or ‘leeks’ or ‘rarebit’. It was all rather pathetic.

“We’d have given him the benefit of the doubt if he even knew where Cwmbran was or what S4C is, but he seemed to believe the former was a cereal and the latter was a character in Star Wars.

“Plus, I have a very clear recollection of Tom cheering on England against Wales roughly a fortnight ago.”