Andy Murray’s Wimbledon run solely to distract people at work

ANDY Murray continues his one-man campaign to make office life more bearable with an afternoon game against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.

The world number two will face off against his French opponent at just the right time to prevent anyone having to do any work after lunch.

Murray said: “I’m planning to make sure that I lose the first or second set against Tsonga so the game goes on for at least three nail-biting hours.

“With a bit of luck I can make it a five-setter and get the nation all the way through to home time without even a cursory glance at their work.”

Office worker Emma Bradford said: “I couldn’t give a shit about tennis, but I intend to spend the whole morning agonising over whether Murray can defuse the threat of Tsonga’s athleticism and continue his dominant form against him.”