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Web Users Tell Phorm To Phuck Off

PHORM, the internet advertising spy, has been told to 'phuck right off' by a majority of web users.

Phorm tracks the websites visited by individuals and then uses the information to make tailored advertising campaigns encouraging consumers to buy yet more phucking rubbish.

But the company has come under attack from people who do not want to spied on absolutely every minute of their phucking lives.

Philip Phrancis, a phull-time phireman phrom Phelixtowe, said: "What a bunch of phuckers.
"Coming in here, nosing about inside my phucking computer. Phuck off you bunch of phucking phannies."

He added: "Spy on me and I'll kick you right up the phudge tunnel. Dirty phucking phelchers, the lot of you."

Phiona Pharmer, a pharmacist phrom Pharnborough, said: "Do you think I'm some kind of phuckwit?

"Try any phunny stuff with me and I'll stick my phist right up your phoreskin, you sneaky phuds."

Internet service providers say Phorm can be introduced with the minimum of phuss, insisting most of their customers are complete phucking phools.