Thursday, 22nd April 2021

'Horses love me sitting on their back and ordering them about' claims woman

A WOMAN has claimed that horses actively enjoy carting her about for no good reason.

Francesca Johnson, from Cirencester, insists that horses love being ordered around while being sat even though she has never had this confirmed by any of the horses she has ever ridden.

Johnson said: “You can just tell that they absolutely adore me straddling them and forcing them to walk across a field, or down the side of a road simply because I’ve got nothing better to do. If it’s fun for me then it must be fun for them.

“They are regal beasts, they are made to pointlessly ferry me from one field to another, and they love it.”

Horse Joanna Kramer said: “I’d rather have my head put in someone’s bed as a warning than give Francesca one more ride.

“If it wasn’t for the all the hay I would buck her into the sun.”