Killer whale learns to say ‘twats’

A KILLER whale at a marine park in France has learned to tell humans they are twats in English.

Wikie, an orca who does not want to be at Marineland in Antibes, can make the sounds for ‘fuck off out of it’, ‘you are all twats’ and ferme ta gueule, the French for ‘shut the fuck up’.

Trainer Françoise Tellier said: “There is no doubt that she knows what she is saying and understands exactly what it means.

“I attempted to teach her ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ and simple things like ordering a croque-monsieur, but she had no interest.

“But when she heard me shouting expletives at Jean from sea-lions, who is un connard, she suddenly became very enthusiastic. I taught her English swearwords because they’re better.

“She already has the swearing vocabulary of a nine-year-old English boy. It’s quite remarkable.”

When asked if Wikie would ever be released from captivity, Tellier said: “No, because then she would have no reason to swear anymore and this would all have been a waste of time.”