PETA tells Cadbury to free Creme Egg-laying chickens

ANIMAL rights group PETA has accused Cadbury of cruelty towards the chickens who lay Creme Eggs.

The activists claimed the eggs are laid by genetically-engineered semi-chocolate chickens and the conditions in the factory are so bad that some of the birds have melted because of the incredible heat.

Protestor Nikki Hollis said: “These chocolate chickens have feelings and emotions.

“They should be allowed to roam free in fields where their only natural predators are chunky ten-year-olds desperate to nibble on their chocolate beaks and thighs.

“Forcing them to lay constant Creme Eggs is sick. You can’t even make an omelette out of them. It just doesn’t work.”

A Cadburys spokesman insisted the eggs were not laid by genetically-engineered chocolate chickens, adding: “Yet.”